Pushy Muldowney

  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Comedian
  • Stay-at-home-American
Pushy Muldowney Photo by Mindy Tucker

A little backstory

After retiring from roller derby and dropping out of graduate school, Pushy had to turn to comedy because she couldn’t stop laughing at how none of her life plans have quite gone as expected. Using her sass-mouthed delivery and smartie-pants perspective, she examines everything from her marriage, her meandering career path, and everyone else’s life choices with her sharp, self-deprecating charm.

Pushy is a regular contributor to the SketchPod Podcast by Grumpy Films, Inc., and she’s been seen in some of Brooklyn’s favorite comedy showcases including Dudes Being Dudes Being Dudes and Metropolitan Bar’s Funny Ha Ha Funny Queer.